The Virginia Rider Training Program (VRTP) is DMV's motorcycle safety & licensing program in Virginia. The VRTP uses the curriculum developed and endorsed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation & The Evergreen Safety Council and has earned a reputation in the motorcycle safety community as an exceptional program. This program maintains the integrity of motorcycle safety training while offering training to a large number of novice and experienced riders. It is important to maintain the balance between the quality of instruction and accommodating the ever-increasing number of students who want to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

This site is dedicated to helping these students by providing information on how to become a DMV certified Instructor/RiderCoach in Virginia. As the population continues to "mature" and grow, more people are becoming interested in riding motorcycles. Therefore, the need for experienced and qualified Instructor/Coaches is also becoming more important to meet the demand. The Virginia Rider Training Program admits students of any, gender, race, color, and national origin. 

Our goal is safety! The VRTP continues to make strides in training, awareness and maintaining a low incidence of impaired motorcyclists. Below are just a couple of examples of what current RiderCoaches have had to say about why they became interested and certified.